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assalamualaikum pluss welcome to my blog ;)

assalamualaikum pluss welcome to my blog ;)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

friendship 4 EvEr..

WhEN you're n0t here t0 share my days and nights,
               my life is s0 incomplete..
     f0r you are my heart, my s0ul..
 the "aneness" I had known t0 seek.

With0ut you I merely exist fr0m day t0 day..
With you I know that I will find..,
all that I have been searching f0r
my c0mpleteness, my enternal peace 0f mind.=)

y0u are the keeper 0f my dreams,
The man wH0 h0ld my heart in his hand..
The 0ne I want t0 spend my life wif
The 0ne wif wH0m I will  always stand..:P


F0rever is what I want with y0u..
F0r the search is at an end..,,
0ur heart  have f0und each 0ther..
as l0vers,, as s0ul-mates,,as friends..<3<3


                                            HEYY2!! SYE SANAD SYGG
                                        SME MEREKA!!~~

           6 azam(2008)~ 2 budie(2010)~ hajar gurls~
               aspurie~ skbk~ sra bkt kapr(barat)

   l0ve them ketat2 laa meyhh!!~~

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